Sunday, September 17, 2006


A little input, please

We're in Port Orchard now, just south of Seattle. We've been driving and photographing for the last week (and putting off updating the blog). I've got some pictures, but not nearly enough. Here's a giant mechanical Paul Bunyan located at the Trees of Mystery on Highway 101 just south of the Oregon border.

Val whipped Beaker into the parking lot when she spotted the giant animatronic display, jumped out of the car with the camera. Then it started talking to people at its feet.

"Don't be afraid, little girl," it said to one cowering tot. Fifty feet away, Val and I were scared and drove away.

With such a huge world out there, I realize we need some direction, so I turn to you, dear readers. What should we photograph? Comment on this blog entry and tell us some of the roadside things you might want to see. Tell us if there's anything in the northern states between Washington and New York we should visit.

Glad you kids were able to stop and see Arn & Woody. I'm very much enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more.

Now, about the pictures. I have a friend who started a photo scavenger hunt months and months ago. The most illusive of photographs have been "a car with both Jesus AND Democratic paraphernalia", "Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap", and "A Delorean". These are the photos I would like to see. :-)
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