Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Here we go

We were reporters at the Paradise Post, a small newspaper in Paradise, California. We were both ready for something different, something larger. We decided to move to New York, a publishing hub.

Because I wanted to continue writing for newspapers, I had to have a car. Hence the transcontinental road trip.

It started a little late. We've already finished the first leg of our farewell tour, the precursor to the heinous 3,000-mile trek that will take us from California to New York. We have pictures, and we have stories. They'll be up soon. As soon as I can stop writing placeholder text like this and get down to business.

Next comes the Bay Area, then Washington. Stay tuned.

Here's your first comment from another Cal Bear whom you know as "Dad." I'll be checking your blog out frequently, in order to watch your progress in your odyssey and to experience it vicariously. On with the adventure!
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